The Anchor Lab Manifesto
The Anchor Lab Manifesto, 2021

We invite residents of Glasgow’s Ward 12 to join us in making artwork that reflects on, celebrates and commemorates the things that have given us hope and the things that have kept us going through our shared experience of having to stay apart in 2020/21. Together, we are working to commemorate and remember all that we have lost, celebrate all that we have found and cherish all that anchors us. You can expect to see updates about what we are up to here, through our Instagram feed and through the window of our Anchor Lab HQ at 567 Dumbarton Road.

We are Lynsey Wells, Sara Pinto and Jennifer Olley. We all live and work in Glasgow, Scotland. Jen and Lynsey met at art school, were flatmates for 14 years and have been working together ever since on a whole host of design and education projects. In 2009 they formed The Studio, a designing and making project for 10-18 year olds. They were joined in 2017 by ace illustrator and author Sara Pinto and collaborated on The Young Artists and Illustrators of Glasgow Society.

With experience of over 15 years in bringing creativity to life for people who may have not had the chance to make art or even seen much of it before, we aim through our practice to make the world a more colourful, creative place. We believe strongly in art being part of the day to day experience. We believe that creativity and playfulness are not add ons, but are an intrinsic part of the human experience. We believe that collective creativity can breathe colour, light and joy into our neighbourhoods, and we have seen time and time again art’s power to transform, building confidence, bolstering wellbeing and, by working collectively, reducing isolation and loneliness.